Course rationale

Online adaptive radiotherapy is a new therapeutic procedure which allow for daily treatment plan adaptation. This approach can be performed with MR- or CT-based linacs. The promise of this new technology is to increase the therapeutic ratio of treatments by safely sparing organs at risk while increasing treatment accuracy. The novelty of this technological and clinical approach induces clinicians and operators to change their usual paradigm by performing new personalized solutions. With the availability of several machines with di­fferent structural and imaging characteristics, an insight to efficiently exploit the strengths of each available technology in the appropriate clinical setting is necessary. Therefore, a wide and comprehensive course is of outmost importance to speed-up the learning curve and develop appropriate treatment workow.

The present Summer School is dedicated to all Radiation Oncologists and Medical Physicists with expertise in clinical adaptive treatments, but also to those who are going to implement such technology or want to become familiar with it. The course has a keen practical approach with real clinical cases, contouring and planning sessions, and live treatments on the machines.

Course Directors

Filippo Alongi

Luca Nicosia